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I like to say I am the poster child for 'my mess is my message.' Starting at a very young age, I always seemed to find the most destructive path for my body and my health. From anorexia and bulimia in my 20s, to binge eating disorder in my 30s and 40s...I have 'been there, done that' in the pursuit of what I envisioned as the perfect physique. It wasn't until I met my own nutritional coach that I finally understood what eating for optimal health really meant. I successfully lost over 80 lbs, discovered my passion for lifting and bodybuilding, and realized what I was always meant to do: help other people learn how to eat for a lifetime of sustainable health and wellness. As a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, I embrace a 100% science and evidence-based approach, and currently coach clients as far away as New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I truly believe nutrition and fitness should be an integral part of every lifestyle. When we neglect our own well-being, everything else becomes secondary. If we are completely depleted ourselves, it becomes impossible to give to others. Self-care is not just helping yourself, but those around you as well. How can I help you achieve your goals? It's never too late to be who you were always meant to be.

Judy Erickson, CNC, Pn1

Nutrition & Fitness Coach


I’m Judy and I’m glad you are here! It means you are looking to live your best life through a new or renewed focus on your health and fitness. 

A little bit about a wife, mother and working professional in my 40s, there didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Life was busy and the aging process was only speeding up. I was holding extra weight, had less energy and just didn’t feel as good as I wanted to feel. After years of multiple diets and embracing the latest supplement fads, I bit the bullet, hired a coach, and proceeded to fall in love with nutrition and fitness.


Now embracing 50, that love has turned into a passion for helping people, just like yourself, see and reach their best potential.

Brandi Baldwin

Culinary Nutrition Consultant

During a good portion of my childhood, I grew up across the street from my Grandma and my aunt who both loved to cook. My mom also loved to cook, but she worked full-time and so much of my cooking education was done with my aunt and my grandma at the helm. We always had a garden in our backyard as kids, even when we moved from Colorado to Arizona, we still planted a garden in the hot Arizona sun! Cooking involved using vegetables from our garden for many meals, and my grandmother made nearly everything from scratch. While we were definitely eating healthy, much of the way we cooked food was an economic decision as well because growing your own vegetables was cheaper and preparing a large batch of sauce and freezing some was more economical that picking up a jar at the store. Fast forward and I have been back living in Colorado since 1999. When I moved back to Colorado, I was working in the hospitality industry in catering and my job involved planning menus and working directly with the culinary team. My love of food was still a big part of my life, but at that time I was working with learning the presentation of food. After all we eat with our eyes first! However, I was also learning to combine various flavors and designing menus of many new foods with our culinary and catering teams. I left hospitality and went to work for an off-premise caterer and continued to hone my food skills even further and specialized in creating menus for all kinds of large and small events. In 2014 I lost my mom. My mom had always encouraged me to work in food and to follow my dreams and it was very hard to lose her guidance, wisdom, laughter and love. While my mom always loved foods and cooking, she very rarely ate healthy as an older adult. She still loved her vegetables, but was eating a lot more saturated fat, processed foods, and not getting much exercise. Ultimately, she ended up dealing with the preventable health issues of so many other Americans like obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure in her older years. So as an ode to my mom and the teachings of my youth, I decided to take my food passion further and went back to school as an adult for a degree in nutrition. I was also in my 40s then and my metabolism was slowing down and weight was starting to hang out around my midsection. I knew I needed to also make some changes for me too and I vowed I would live a healthy life because that would be my mom’s legacy… A daughter that put her health first and wanted to help others do the same! Now I combine my enthusiasm for delicious foods with the science of eating well and can share that knowledge with others. I love cooking for family and friends and want to share recipes and practices for making meals that are appetizing and healthy. Whether I am experimenting with a new recipe, or doing a healthy makeover of a comfort food, it always needs to be both yummy and life-giving to help us all live our best life.


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